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  1. Help! My friend used to be a progressive. We used to demand more money from the evil banks together for income insurance for the poor. Then she got addicted to Drudge and changed her views! How do I convince her the Drudge Report is biased? I think she's going though a phase, but any help would be appreciated.

    1. Janis, it's YOU, not your friend who must seek help! Just keep reading DRUDGE and maybe you can eliminate paying a "shrink" who is probably more screwed up than you!!!!

  2. Janis; If you will read this report daily with an open mind you will see the truth and become a better person for it. But if not you are going down the wrong road to nowhere and losing your country is at the end of that road! Please wake up before it's all a memory.

  3. Drudge Report is a lot more independent and non biased than Yahoo news.

  4. I cant believe there are so many nuts out there.....weak minded idiots. Liberals almost ruined the country but Trump showed them where Mary tied the Bull. Yeah for the Drudge Report and Laura Ingraham .

  5. A parachute is best used when opened. Drudge Report is a breath of fresh air compared from the smog from corporate controlled media.

  6. drudge gives what the newspapers will not report